Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The YouTube Project

"When are you going to post more videos on YouTube, Megan?"

Every so often I hear this from friends. Since I currently don't have regular access to a piano nor do I own a recording device other than my computer, I am at a disadvantage. However, in an effort to provide more videos I will make cheesy pictures-to-music videos until I can provide my adoring fans (aka supportive friends and family) with "real" videos. I have high hopes, but until my budget increases... this will have to do.

Yes. I am making you visit YouTube to view it. I gotta up my views, peeps!

Nothin' but love for ya,

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Nina F. At ManeStage said...

Hi Megan! Its Nina...just found your blog...thought I would drop in and say hi! So, hi!