Tuesday, October 5, 2010

To Be Recorded...

Hey folks. So yep. I'm going to record an album. After being spurred by several friends and actually winning a talent competition at the Puyallup Fair (I guess it's not all entirely in my head), I am putting aside my pride and fear and doing it. I also now have a page on Facebook and am encouraging everyone to visit and "Like" it. www.facebook.com/MeganWorthenMusic Now time for your feedback. First, I think I'll use the picture above for the album cover. Second, I have no idea what to call the album. Third, I'm going to put 8 songs on the CD (order to be determined): Easy, Letting Go, Tired, Last, Forever, Iris (cover), Seventh, The Truth. So people, what do you think? I am all ears.
Nothin' but love for ya!